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Forex League
Forex League

Angelo (24) and Nick (26), Both Successful Day Traders, Entrepreneurs and Mentors to 1,600+ members By Specializing In Sustainable Portfolio Management With A Focus On Growth. We Also Teach Habits For A Winning Mindset And Better Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pips per month?
The premium signals will produce 1,000+ pips per month with a 70 - 80% win ratio.
What's included in Premium Signals?
What's included in Premium Signals? After enrolling, you have access to the course curriculum plus the guide which is a trading plan.
How much do I need to get started?
We recommend starting with $250 - $500. Only invest with what you can afford to trade with!
What lot size should I use?
You can use the pip calculator that is provided in the course curriculum.

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