Meet The Founders

Hi, my name is Angelo Ciaramello. I'm a 24 year old Entrepreneur from New Jersey. I've always been big on finding what's next. Constantly I looked to make money by solving problems around me from a young age. The problems became bigger and the hours became longer but my passion for continuously improving as an entrepreneur have only grown.

I was lead to work early on in life and felt pride in doing good work. From Deli Counter to Delivery Driver to College Internships to IT Analyst, over time I begin to develop a sense of work ethic and acquire the skills necessary to consistently work effectively. These jobs have taught me valuable life lessons, allowing me to use a passion for creating and executing solutions to problems both simple and complex. They are also where I decided I would never settle and do whatever it takes to found my own company.

I first started investing at 18 years old using the platform "USAA" with money I worked for and saved up. I was excited to buy stock in Alibaba, Apple, Facebook and other Nasdaq stocks; over time gaining %'s that made me realize the power of investing. During this initial success in the markets; I was continuing on toward a Bachelors Degree at Rutgers University while majoring in Information Technology. Throughout the next couple years I kept up with the fundamentals of the markets out of curiosity despite my main focus being University.
While running an e-commerce website I found the Forex market during the winter of 2018 and took a deep interest in the "art"of technical analysis. I had a $900 day in my first week of live trading which quickly convinced me to go all in.

I put all of my attention into forex education throughout the next year, 2018, consistently studying, networking, and trading. After meeting my business partner through Linkedin, quickly we realized we shared common goals of working hard on the charts and help others. Soon the idea was born to start a forex trading course. After several meetings we decided to move forward; creating this course, "Forex League" which launched in February 2019.

Together we look forward to combining our skills, experiences, and passion for the markets to impact people worldwide. There is no doubt in my mind that we can accomplish our mission of transforming 5000+ lives utilizing a market of over $1+ trillion dollars.

Hello, my name is Nick D'Arcangelo. I'm a 26 year old Professional Trader from New Jersey. Growing up I was always looking for that cool thing to sell, or that item to flip for a profit. As like most of you, I was a young entrepreneur. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and own my own business or just work for myself, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do to make that happen.

Prior to forex I was literally inventing solutions to problems and attempting to get patents. I also was managing a drop-shipping store, but again, it was lacking for me. Forex was actually something that I stumbled upon. I was on IG when I saw a post about so I checked it out and ended up completing the entire free training within 48 hours. I was hooked on forex immediately, the idea, the opportunities, the freedom. It all appealed to me and I needed to learn more.


I then invested in myself and pursued higher education. Even with the education courses I purchased I still fell for every mistake a new trader makes. I learned to trade the absolute hardest way... trial and error. I then realized the education I was investing is was not the right material or it was not the right mentor or information I needed to become successful. I spent three years and thousands of hours studying, testing my strategy, and growing my account. Through hard work and patience I reached all of my short term goals but I was left with a feeling of un-fulfillment. I liked to trade but it seemed I needed to do something else alongside trading.

I decided to teach people how to trade! I wanted others to experience and learn how to create a life of freedom through forex. I truly enjoy teaching people now and changing people lives (the ones who are willing to work for it). Nothing compares to the joy of seeing someone change their lives from your mentorship. I know now I will always be a teacher and will always do my best to help others learn forex. Forex is not about the money, although I know everyone tends to see it that way in the beginning. Forex is really about providing true freedom to one self. Let me help you achieve that at Forex League. The education we provide is what you have been looking for, it will take you to that next level because it did for me.