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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a performance Fee? 💸
Yes, every month you will be pulled a 40% performance fee. So if you have a $1,000 account, and if we make you 20% for the month which would be $200 you will be charged a 40% performance fee for the $200 which is $80. This performance fee is only charged if we make you money!
How much do I need to get started? 💰
The account minimum is $1,000!
Can I use my own broker? 🤖
You must use the brokers we use to avoid issues with slippage, commissions, and proper leverage!
Can I blow my account? 🤯
You are not at risk of blowing your account!
How much can I make? 🏧
You can expect to make 10-50% per month!
Is this fxbook verified? ✅
Yes this is fxbook verified and just message me for the information!

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Forex League
Forex League

Angelo (26) and Nick (28), Both Successful Day Traders, Entrepreneurs and Mentors to 1,600+ members By Specializing In Sustainable Portfolio Management With A Focus On Growth. We Also Teach Habits For A Winning Mindset And Better Life.